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Downtown Portand

The List: Where to take your guests when they visit Portland

Since moving to Portland, not only have I been discovering places to visit myself, I have been compiling a list of places to bring guests. I like having visitors as it gives me a chance to show off Portland and the pacific northwest. When my parents first visited, I put together a mental list of where I wanted to bring them. That first list was just in my head and I never did write it down.

I am posting this list for others to use and will be update periodically linking to related articles as I post them. This is by no means an all-inclusive list, in fact, it may be more of a list of articles I want to write. Some of these places I haven’t had a chance to go to myself so consider it a personal to do list as well.

I have broken the list into different regions below and linked to their respective list. Check back often as the list will be updated as new articles are posted and I add new entries.

In Portland

Visit The Coast

The Columbia River Gorge


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